Tattoos Last Forever… and Ever… and Ever…


From (the sadly defunct?)

“Much to the disappointment and horror of my Mother, I had these done last week.. inspired by one of my favourite films, The Shining. I wanted a tattoo based on the Shining, and I saw SO many ‘Heeere’s Johnny’ tattoos that I thought I wanted something a bit different. So this is what I came up with.
They have had mixed reviews, people who have seen the film absoloutely love them, people who have not seen the film just think I’m gross.
I am a tattooist so my boss at work did them for me, she had neve seen the film so didn’t quite get why I wanted it, until I checked the stencil in the mirror and she saw it said ‘Murder’.
The image on top is how people would see it, saying Red Rum.. However because i only ever see it in mirrors, to me it says Murder.”

This Person Must Be a Writer

This came from the Ugliest Tattoos site, but I beg to differ: I love it! I wish I’d thought of it first, as a sign of my devotion to the Lord of the Bean.

In related news, I’m heading into a three-day weekend, I picked up more K-Cups on the way home, I’ve been home for an hour and I’m gearing up for my second cup of many. Sleep? What’s that?

Real Life Horror: Eyeball Tattooing

You read that right. Not “eyeball tattoos”, as in tattoos of eyeballs.

Eyeball tattooing. As in tattooing your eyeballs.

With the red pictured above, it’s easy to believe that maybe I was misinformed. It looks like an injury. Or possibly a bad infection.

But what about now?

According to the The Eyeball Tattoo FAQ, the technique of injecting tattoo ink into the whites of the eye has been around, in its current incarnation, since 2007. The site estimates that “… there are several hundred people with tattooed eyes.” Several hundred people, including two convicts who tattooed each other’s eyes while in prison. Yum, sanitary.

You may have noticed by now that I have a thing about eyeballs. I wear contacts from time to time, but that’s about the most I can handle. Eyeball stuff freaks me out. And having sat for several large tattoos, I can’t imagine the sensation of a needle, even hand-held, repeatedly jabbing me in the eye.
It’s just…you only have one pair of eyes. I’m an incredibly visual person — reading, writing, knitting — everything I do relies on my vision.

Side effects of tattooing your eyeballs could include: blindness, years-long headaches, and permanent blurry vision or light sensitivity that cannot be treated. One guy ended up with a permanent black eye when his black ink leaked into the tissue under his eyeball.

It might look totally badass…

…and I will always support the right of people to modify their bodies as they wish, but I hope people think long and hard before trying this particular experiment, especially while it’s in its relative infancy.

(photos belong to Modblog/BME, where eyeball tattoos are far from the most extreme body modification. Some posts are extremely not safe for work or for minors; visit with caution.)

Guess What I Bought!

Some clues: I’ve wanted it for months. It’s an old favourite in desperate need of revisiting. It’ll be great for the nasty, rainy weekend ahead.

Did you guess a DVD of Stephen King’s IT?


Pennywise says: “Great job!”

Oh yes, my friends: it’s that time of year. The nights are only getting longer from here on out, and colder, and the sewers make the strangest burbling noises. It’s probably just the rain. There’s probably nothing to worry about…

Bonus — Check out the sweet tattoo I found whilst searching for our friend up there:

(Sources: Pennywise and tattoo)

Typewriter Tattoos

I got my Olivetti typewriter tattoo back in January. I would have thought finding other typewriter tattoos would have made mine feel less special. But by contrast, I’ve found some beautiful pieces, each with their own unique take on the classic machine. Now I’m excited to be in such fine company!




Edward Scissorhands: the Tattoo

I found this on a list of “scary tattoos” at, but I beg to differ. This is one of the most stunningly beautiful tattoos I have ever seen. It’s so delicate. I love it.

(for the curious: see the rest of the list here.)

My New Tattoos Part 2

I posted about my new tattoos a couple weeks ago. They’ve healed up beautifully; the colour on the typewriter came out exactly like I wanted.

So! The big healed reveal!

(I forgot to mention: the stars are about ten years old and desperately in need of fixing. I know. And as everyone on the entire internet says, I swear it doesn’t curve like that all the time!)

And…Harriet the Spy! I’ve always been a big reader, and when I was a kid Harriet the Spy was one of my favourite books. She wanted to be a writer, just like me, and I loved the idea of sneaking about looking in windows and learning about people. (Okay, creeping, but let’s not split hairs here.)
Anyway, I’ve told myself for years that I’d get a Harriet tattoo the first time I got published, and I couldn’t be happier.

(I got her on my inner bicep, opposite the typewriter. I’d thought about putting her on my outer shoulder, but I realized she looks somewhat like I do. And I didn’t want to pull a Steve-O.)

My New Tattoo: Part 1

I have a new love. This is an Olivetti Studio 44, from the fifties. It types in cursive! I modified the colour to make it brighter; check out the photos at Classic Bride to see the real deal.

And no, it’s probably not the same model, but Stephen King (one of my writing heroes) says this:
“Tabby claims that I married her for a typewriter. She had a nice little Olivetti, portable typewriter, very sturdy and I wrote Carrie on it, Blaze and a bunch of other stuff as well. I guess I wrote Shawshank on that typewriter too, on a kitchen table in Boulder…” (source)

I also got another tattoo, but you’ll have to wait until I can get a better picture of it. (Ooooh, suspense!)