This Week in Sniderville: 7

My family rules.

My husband’s Great Aunt Sharon posted the following to her Facebook:
…with the caption: Little Stephen King reads his 1st story in class — we have a budding Stephen King in our family — Stefanie Snider. I can’t tell you how that made me smile.

Sunday we visited my brother- and sister-in-law, the ones with my adorable nephews. The littlest nephew will be three in June, and has a baby monitor in his room. Turns out that the new monitor my in-laws bought doubles as a two-way speaker. My nephew was chilling in his room when his Mommy picked up the parent-end of the monitor and made the Grudge noise into it: “Aaaahhhh-h-h-ahhhhhh…” Cue the kid flying down the stairs, wide-eyed, and a lesson in silly jokes. Nephew pulled me upstairs to his room, pointed at the monitor, says “Makes a scawy noise, Ahhhhhhhh,” giving me a perfect rendition of the demon-noise from the movie, then giggling. This is how I know I belong in this family.

Horror Comes to My Hometown!

A section of Highbury Ave. was turned into a giant accident scene on Saturday night for the horror film Kingdom Come from London-based Matchbox Pictures.(HANK DANISZEWSKI, The London Free Press)


Here’s the interesting part: there had been road-closure warnings on this road for a while, saying that the road would be closed from yesterday afternoon until early this morning. However, it seems that none of us outside the production knew it was for a film; most assumed it was for construction. Cue panicked Facebook updates about the 30-car pileup on the road, body bags in the street, requests for prayers for those who perished…

Nope, just a movie set. It’s called Kingdom Come.
From IMDB: “A group of strangers wake up in an abandoned hospital to find themselves stalked by a supernatural force with sinister intentions.”

I’m not sure exactly where the highway scene fits in, but according to our local paper, some of the movie will be filmed in an abandoned Victorian mental asylum located on the grounds of our current Psychiatric Hospital.

I can’t wait to see it all come together. This makes my haunted little heart very, very happy.

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This Week in Sniderville: 6

This week was a quiet one.

I released a new story.

I worked long shifts at Day Job, until all I wanted to do was get home and crawl into bed and consume worrying amounts of Netflix.

I wrote. I wrote more than I have in a long, long time. The novel is coming along.

I held onto the belief that someday I will write for a living.

I made lazy-person crab soup:
Chicken broth: boil. Pad Thai noodles: boil in broth until delicious. While waiting: chop up obscene amounts of cilantro and green onions. No, that’s not enough. More. Then more. Throw fake-crab chunks in the pot. Throw green onions in the pot. Cook it for like another minute, until the crabby chunks start to fall apart. Slop in a bowl, add so much cilantro that you can’t see your soup anymore. The end.

I went to have the car serviced, and found out that some part I didn’t even know existed needs replacing, and they pretty much want me to pledge them my firstborn child. I signed happily, because I’m not having any children. Joke’s on them.

Tonight I’m going out drinking with my girls; tomorrow will either be very productive or very slow, depending on recovery needs.

How was your week?