My New Tattoos Part 2

I posted about my new tattoos a couple weeks ago. They’ve healed up beautifully; the colour on the typewriter came out exactly like I wanted.

So! The big healed reveal!

(I forgot to mention: the stars are about ten years old and desperately in need of fixing. I know. And as everyone on the entire internet says, I swear it doesn’t curve like that all the time!)

And…Harriet the Spy! I’ve always been a big reader, and when I was a kid Harriet the Spy was one of my favourite books. She wanted to be a writer, just like me, and I loved the idea of sneaking about looking in windows and learning about people. (Okay, creeping, but let’s not split hairs here.)
Anyway, I’ve told myself for years that I’d get a Harriet tattoo the first time I got published, and I couldn’t be happier.

(I got her on my inner bicep, opposite the typewriter. I’d thought about putting her on my outer shoulder, but I realized she looks somewhat like I do. And I didn’t want to pull a Steve-O.)

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