SniderWriter Receives Versatile Blogger Award

Ava/Jordanna from Journey of Jordanna East nominated SniderWriter; a big thanks to her! She’s writing a novel right now, and mentioned that the person who nominated her is, too. We’ve got quite the chain going here.

There are a few rules I have to follow to claim my award, the first of which is sharing seven pieces of information about myself. We all know I love talking about myself, so here they are:

1. I live in Canada, and I do have a Canadian accent. I DON’T say “aboot” (unless I’m mocking the stereotype) but I DO say “eh”.

2. I’ve been married now for almost a year, but was with my husband for ten before we did the city-hall thing.

3. We have two black cats, Jade and Zoey. Jade is named for her green eyes, and Zoey is named for Zoe Bell, the stuntwoman in Deathproof. My best ladyfriend also has Deathproof cats.

4. My favourite colour is grey.

5. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, but have also thought about being a nurse, a pathologist, or a mortician. (Can you tell I like guts?) I don’t do any of those things for a living, but my job does involve a lot of blood.

6. My three favourite books are Harriet the Spy (see tattoo here), A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Atlas Shrugged. The last often brands me an asshole, but I’m not. Mostly.

7. I am in love with bats. We have them in the backyard, and I love nothing more than sitting in the back watching them flit through the trees at dusk.

I could have done that all day, I’m pretty sure.

The second bit is to nominate another 15 bloggers for the award. Here’s my confession: I don’t get to spend much time reading blogs these days. Between DayJob and writing and family and knitting I’m busy 95% of the time (I sleep the other 5%). I’m kinda out of the loop.

BUT I would like to take the chance to recognize and nominate some of those lovely folks who take the time to comment on this blog. So, thank you to the authors of the following blogs:
butimbeautiful, Journey of Jordanna East, BeckysBlogs, Tonya Kerrigan, Fiercely Yours, Heather Underground, Joseph Pinto, Sore Sport Movies, Underground Walls
(Holy shit! I got all that HTML right the first time!)

Thanks again, Ava/Jordanna, for the nomination. It’s my first blog award ever, and it made my day.

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