Michael Shapcott’s “Gage and Church: the Undead”

Gage and Church: the Undead (Pet Sematary)
18″ x 24″
Graphite, Acrylic, and Oil on Canvas

I love this, and it turns out I’m not alone: Miko Hughes, the actor who played Gage in Pet Sematary, commented on Shapcott’s blog! (I always wondered what became of little “Gage”. Turns out he ended up hot.)

(via michael-shapcott.com)

Stephen King’s Advice to Young Writers

Seeing as Spike TV denied myself and my fellow Canadians our 8:00 showing of The Shining, I went looking for supplementary King material. I came across this brief excerpt from a talk he did at Yale:

Short and sweet. Read a lot. Write a lot. Simple.

Hopefully the Canadian version of the Stephen King Marathon gets back on track tomorrow…in the meantime, I’ve posted the (apparently American) schedule here.

Stephen King Marathon This Weekend

It’s probably pretty obvious by this point that I’m a big King fan.
(see: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7)

So you can imagine that I’m FREAKIN’ EXCITED! about the Stephen King movies playing on Spike TV this weekend. Here’s the lineup, in Eastern Standard Time:

Tonight, Friday July 13th
7:00 PM – Christine
9:30 PM – Cujo
11:30 PM – Creepshow

Tomorrow, Saturday July 14th
11:30 AM – IT
3:30 PM – Christine
6:00 PM – Cujo
8:00 PM – The ShiningMY FAVOURITE!
11:30 PM – Dreamcatcher

Sunday, July 15th
11:00 AM – The Shining

I’ll be watching, will you?