Happy Festivus!

Tonight I attended my first Festivus party. We feasted upon tacos, spaghetti, and chicken wings; we drowned our grievances in margaritas. There was a pole, of course, drug out of our co-host’s backyard (he assured me it hadn’t been supporting anything, but really…who has a pile of aluminum poles just “laying around”?). We played a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity, though sadly C and I had to leave before the Feats of Strength.

We were given a wonderful parting gift, though:


(PS – the party was given by a friend’s girlfriend, who has quite possibly the dreamiest horror apartment EVER. Life-sized Pinhead, signed Friday the 13th poster… She had a death mask of Vincent Price! I wanted to steal everything.)

Real Life Horror: Video of Simi Valley Sherri, Manson Family Member

“You do something, you do it, it’s done… Y’know, what can you do? [laughs] It’s done.
Y’know, sniffle about it another five years? What can you say? I’m sorry, [laughs] y’know, big deal.”


Morbid? Disturbing? Violent?
“But…but those are children’s characters! They’re harmless little ponies!”
Not once the internet gets a hold of them, they’re not.

(PS: Damn, that’s a catchy song. I’ve been humming it for hours. Let us not reflect on its lyrical content, lest we become concerned for my mental health.)

Dark Craft: Walking Dead Embroidery

The talented Rebecca Simpson over at Rebecca Simpson Design has blown my mind.

Simpson decided to embroider some of the comic art for The Walking Dead as a gift for her fiance, and the results are incredible. Check it out:

(images copyright Rebecca Simpson Design)

Simpson says she “[u]sed different amounts of black strands to achieve shading.” The precision is what makes this piece so fantastic. Well done!

Face Off

I don’t tend to watch much tv, but what I do watch is almost always arts-based reality competition. I just love watching people making things.

Somehow I completely missed the new season of Face Off. I find it so interesting to see the behind-the-scenes of movie makeup application, and how the artists can take some latex and paint and make us believe in aliens and monsters.

Since I’m sick as a dog today, and don’t see myself getting my planned writing done, I thought I’d catch up. If you want to join me, the Canadian link is here.