Real-Life Horror: Man Eats Man’s Face

Did you guys hear about this? What the HELL.

“Several vehicles, including buses and even three bicyclists, went past on a Miami street as a naked man chewed the face off a homeless man Saturday in what has been called a zombie-like attack, video footage posted by the Miami Herald shows.”

Read the article here. (It goes without saying that information and pictures at this link are disturbing.)

I just…I don’t even have words. Zombie attacks are only cool when, y’know, they’re not really happening. Jesus.

The Morbid Anatomy Library Needs Your Help!

©Morbid Anatomy Library
(photo ©The Morbid Library)
“The library and cabinet makes available a collection of curiosities, books, photographs, artworks, ephemera, and artifacts relating to medical museums, anatomical art, collectors and collecting, cabinets of curiosity, the history of medicine, death and society, natural history, arcane media, and curiosity and curiosities broadly considered.”

I only just found out about the Morbid Anatomy Library last night during my internet ramblings, and was immediately taken by it. The library has so much of the beautifully obscure: everything from medical models to preserved animals to religious figures under glass.

You can take a mini-tour of the library in this YouTube video. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, according to a recent blog post, the building the Library is housed in caught fire, and many of the oddities there were damaged by water from the sprinkler system. They are currently soliciting donations of money and/or strange artifacts to help restore the Library. If you can help, please visit the Morbid Anatomy blog and let them know.

We need to keep this weird stuff around for us weirdos!

Dead Body on Google Street View?

“It is a suburban scene much like millions of others on Google’s Street View site… apart from one chilling addition.

Lying face down on the pavement, her shoe inches away in the gutter, is the body of a young girl.

Anxious residents browsing their on-screen neighbourhood contacted Google about the image fearing they had chanced on a murder scene…”

Continue to article.


Zombie Woman Climbs from Casket

Zombie Woman Climbs from Casket Six Days after She Died

A 95-year-old Chinese woman, thought to be dead and placed in a coffin, terrified her family and neighbors by climbing right out after six long days. Must have scared the living daylights out of her neighbor Mr. Qingwang, who was the first to discover the empty coffin.

Click here to read the article.

Day of the Dead Cross-Stitch

Growing up, Sundays were always a quiet day. There was nothing good on tv, so I had to come up with other means to entertain myself. (Adult-me is grateful for that. Kid-me, not so much.) Reading, writing, and drawing filled my afternoons. Even now, Sunday just seems…slower. Calmer. Sundays make me want to hang around the house in comfortable clothes doing something relaxing.

Like crafting.

Which lead me to this:

Modern Cross Stitch Kit ‘Absolution’ By Carissa Rose.

Ugh, she’s stunning. She will be mine.
There are others, just as beautiful, in the same Etsy shop.

Judge a Book By Its Cover

I love, love, love pulp covers. Whether they were for comics or cheap paperback novels, the lurid covers spoke of dread and danger. Monsters and shadowy villains lurking around corners hinted at impending doom. I remember reading horror comics that looked like these, and they heavily influenced my tastes in horror.

I mean really, how great are these?

Side note: I specifically remember reading a comic featuring Death menacing a man in his dreams, and it culminated in him waking to find a miniature Death digging a grave in the man’s own chest. Anyone know what I’m talking about?

For countless more vintage and pulp covers, check out Cover Browser, the best website I’d never heard of.

Real Live Death

Most Thursdays I watch The First 48.

Being from a (very thankfully) low-violent-crime area, the show is shocking. It’s sad, and morbidly fascinating, as the cameras pan through bloodied crime scenes and show blurred corpses laying about. The past few seasons I’ve noticed the shows have been much more censored in terms of what we are and aren’t allowed to see. I respect that, in terms of protecting the family, but the show has lost a lot of the impact it had before.

Still, death is interesting. In fact, I’ve thought about doing crime-scene and decomp cleanup for a living. It’s interesting, the things that bother some people and not others. Gore bothers me, sure, but it doesn’t scare me at all.

The recent censoring begs the question: how much is too much? Should we be allowed to see real death on television? What if the death is self-inflicted?