The Morbid Anatomy Library Needs Your Help!

©Morbid Anatomy Library
(photo ©The Morbid Library)
“The library and cabinet makes available a collection of curiosities, books, photographs, artworks, ephemera, and artifacts relating to medical museums, anatomical art, collectors and collecting, cabinets of curiosity, the history of medicine, death and society, natural history, arcane media, and curiosity and curiosities broadly considered.”

I only just found out about the Morbid Anatomy Library last night during my internet ramblings, and was immediately taken by it. The library has so much of the beautifully obscure: everything from medical models to preserved animals to religious figures under glass.

You can take a mini-tour of the library in this YouTube video. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, according to a recent blog post, the building the Library is housed in caught fire, and many of the oddities there were damaged by water from the sprinkler system. They are currently soliciting donations of money and/or strange artifacts to help restore the Library. If you can help, please visit the Morbid Anatomy blog and let them know.

We need to keep this weird stuff around for us weirdos!