How Artificial Eyes Are Made

It’s interesting to see the process involved. Completely bloodless, of course, though it may make you uncomfortable.

Frankly, I think the aluminum button he fits at the beginning of the video looks pretty badass, in a robotic-superhuman sort of way.

Happy Halloween! Or: I Just Can’t Help Myself.

I’m a horror writer. You’d think I’d only listen to death metal (or at the very least, hard German rock). But this Halloween I’m confessing my own dark secret: I love super-catchy, cheery, pop-y music*. And, what with Halloween making me giddy (it’s the horror-kid’s Christmas!), I thought I’d post something cute tonight.

Happy Halloween! May your night be long and creepy, may the clouds fog the moon, and may you avoid the razor blade in your apple!

*I do like heavy rock, though. And some dubstep. And blues. And classic country…


Morbid? Disturbing? Violent?
“But…but those are children’s characters! They’re harmless little ponies!”
Not once the internet gets a hold of them, they’re not.

(PS: Damn, that’s a catchy song. I’ve been humming it for hours. Let us not reflect on its lyrical content, lest we become concerned for my mental health.)