A Love Letter, From Me to You


Thank you.

If you’ve ever read a single one of my stories, if you’ve come to be a friend online, if you found me two seconds ago and you’re wondering who the hell this chick is (hang around, I’m fun, I promise): thank you for being here.

I’ve been through some pretty dark days this past year. I won’t bore you with the details, but suffice it to say that for a while there I fell out of the loop. Stopped blogging. Stopped doing a whole lot of things. I’ve had a novel sitting here in maddening disarray for months because I just couldn’t get my shit together long enough to finish it.

Then you came along.

Those of you relentlessly hounding me for the next novel (and I say that with love).

Those of you who took a chance on some crazy author chick and let me be a part of your day, on FB or IG or wherever.

Those of you who are watching and waiting for me to fail (hi!).

Because of all of you, I’m not giving up on this writing thing. Because of you I’ve dusted off that tatty old manuscript and I’m ready to rock it. I’m going to jump back in with both feet and a head full of dreams.

So thank you. For everything. Let’s have some fun together, shall we?


*image from uppercase mag

SniderWriter Turns One!

A year ago today I started this blog.

It’s been a blast! I never thought I’d be a blogger; I didn’t think I had much to talk about. 348 posts and counting has taught me differently. I’ve connected with so many of you over the past year (and if you’re lurking, speak up! I’d love to get to know you!)

My favourite part of writing a blog is all the things I get to learn and see — since I’m always looking for material to post I get to trawl all kinds of websites I might not have come across otherwise. I get to learn about all kinds of weird shit. And some of you have found me in strange ways, too, like the following searches that brought you here:

“witch to do list”
“see i’m pretty”
“headgear 2012”
“different types of cursive”
“shower sexy”
“disgusting images of sugar”
“breaking up jokes”
“fun marriage” (

and my all-time favourite: “how can i get my kids to leave there coats zipped up”. Because apparently someone out there desires parenting advice from the sweary horror lady.

I’ve covered health, politics, film, and DIY. Together we’ve learned about eyeball tattoos and lobotomies and horrible things that lurk in the sea.

And of course, along the way, I hope I’ve scared the crap out of you.

So this chilly December night I raise my glass (which may or may not contain more rum than eggnog) and toast to another year of fun, and weirdness, and fear. And I toast to you, because knowing you’re out there is what makes this so much fun. So thanks!

“Dark Side” Winners!

My first giveaway has officially closed! Thanks to everyone who participated!

The winners are:

Ava, from Journey of Jordanna East
The Comedian
and Clawberry Shortcake

I hope the four of you enjoy Dark Side!

I’m off to watch Cabin Fever and work on my skull scarf. Have a great night everyone!

SniderWriter Hits 5000 Views!

Seriously, though.

Thank you.

I’ve been blabbing my face off here for just over seven months now. When I started, eight views a day was a considerable feat.

But now over 700 of you have signed on to let me into your lives & brains every day, and I’m grateful for you. Not to mention the others who find themselves here unexpectedly; thanks to you too, and welcome (though I still haven’t figured out how searching “shower sexy” brought you here).

You rule. You’re fantastic. You’re beautiful (or handsome, respectively).

I’m still working on being a full-time writer, and I get discouraged from time to time. You guys keep me going. Your comments, tweets, and support make my day.

So thank you. Keep coming back, and I’ll keep doing my best to scare the shit out of you.

XOXO, Stef

(photo from The Screaming Skull, via Horror Society)

SniderWriter Hits 1000 Views!

You’re fantastic. All of you.

(Especially you. You’re my favourite. Don’t tell the others.)

This blog hit 1000 views today, and I have to tell you how thankful I am. I know that 1000 isn’t much to some blogs. Some get several times that every day.

But what matters to me, right now, is that 1000 times you guys have visited this site. 1000 times, you let me into your life, however briefly, and we hung out for a bit. That’s just cool.

So thanks. You rule.