SniderWriter Hits 5000 Views!

Seriously, though.

Thank you.

I’ve been blabbing my face off here for just over seven months now. When I started, eight views a day was a considerable feat.

But now over 700 of you have signed on to let me into your lives & brains every day, and I’m grateful for you. Not to mention the others who find themselves here unexpectedly; thanks to you too, and welcome (though I still haven’t figured out how searching “shower sexy” brought you here).

You rule. You’re fantastic. You’re beautiful (or handsome, respectively).

I’m still working on being a full-time writer, and I get discouraged from time to time. You guys keep me going. Your comments, tweets, and support make my day.

So thank you. Keep coming back, and I’ll keep doing my best to scare the shit out of you.

XOXO, Stef

(photo from The Screaming Skull, via Horror Society)

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