Happy Canada Day!

“Canadian Sunset” by Lone Primate on Flickr

I was going to post about the great things Canada does. Our healthcare, our human rights, our diversity. But even if you’ve never been here, you already know all that.

What you may not know is how Canada feels. How wonderful it is that nature is everywhere. How it feels to go anywhere in the world and be welcomed, just for being Canadian. How fortunate we are, as a nation, and how strong our country is.

Canadians are patriotic, but ours is a quiet patriotism. It’s not so much seen in bumper stickers and vocalizations; it’s more the calm contentment of knowing that ours is a wonderful country and that we are lucky to live here. I’m proud to be Canadian.

Happy Canada Day, everyone.

Office Peepshow

This is my first spring with my new office. I’m still tweaking things (a trip to IKEA should help with the organization), but I’m getting to the point where things have their places. My favourite part of the day is when the sun comes in like this.

Featured above: the dresser that my older cousin had in her bedroom, then her dining room, then it was in my teenage bedroom, and now here. I don’t remember at what point it turned blue. Also, my knitting basket, sewing box, files, and a few books. The dinette chair was red vinyl, at some point, and is now half pink, half leopard-print Duct tape. I like things that have been loved and well used.

Tag, you’re it! Share a picture of your office or creative space. What do you make there? What does the space say about you?