…And Then I Bought Something.

A friend of mine linked me to this article on Cracked:5 People on Etsy Who Are Clearly Serial Killers. It features some…questionable objects: dead animal faces. Teeth from an asylum. A jar covered in what the seller insists is human flesh.

I read the article. I cringed. I laughed. And then I bought something.


She’s photographed, according to Pamela Klaffke, the photographer, “with a holga cfn 120mm toy camera, using expired film”.

She’s a little eerie, but I love her. (Or maybe that’s WHY I love her?) There’s a certain dreamy quality to the print, an almost-Instagram-except-way-better distortion. She struck me when I saw her, and I had to have her.

I have a feeling, though, that she might be coming to live in my office with me. The office is where C makes me house all the weird shit he doesn’t like looking at (though why he doesn’t want anatomical drawings and stuffed elk heads* wearing tiaras in the rest of the house is beyond me).

Go check out the other critters in Klaffke’s collection (because, seriously, who doesn’t need a scary Hanukkah fox child in their lives? Or click here for the rest of the Cracked article.

(screen grab via Cracked, photo featured copyright Pamela Klaffke)

*(Relax, vegans: this is the head in question.)

Darken Up Your Christmas

It’s that time of year! Christmas music EVERYWHERE, glitter on everything, creepy life-sized Santa figures at the Chinese buffet…

Whether we like it or not, Christmas dominates the malls, the tv, and the radio. But thanks to Etsy, horror fans everywhere can at least make it a little more tolerable. Observe:

dod stockings

Day of the Dead His and Hers Christmas Stocking


Zombie Christmas Cards (Art by Robert Walker)


Ho Ho With a Shotgun

(Click on item descriptions to visit their artists’ respective Etsy shops. I’m not affiliated with any of these sellers.)