I Ate a Severed Thumb

I went camping last week with a couple friends from high school. Both are vegetarians, so tofu hotdogs were on the menu. “No problem,” says I, “I don’t mind veggie dogs.”

Cue the package being opened and the dogs being doled out. I had threaded mine onto a coat hanger classy upscale roasting implement when I noticed something odd.

It looked a little…grotesque. The package must have been sealed too tightly, squishing the hotdogs together, and resulting in a strange discoloration.

Either that, or some dude at the factory lost his thumb and no one noticed.

I ate it anyway. It was delicious.

Body Bag: an Anatomical Sleeping Bag

As you read this, I’m off in the woods, hopefully not being murdered. Though if I get eviscerated tonight, it just might look like this:

Apparently these were available to purchase from Japan, but the web store sadly shows no such product. Too bad…I could have had some fun with this one, casually cozying up in my own guts…

(via geekologie)

Sidenote: I went to pack my backpack and found that I had a little stowaway…


I finally, finally have a week off from DayJob. The last time I was off was in January and I’m pretty much clawing my own eyes out.

I have few plans — I’m trying to keep it that way, so I can get a handle on this whole “relaxing” thing. I give myself a day, two at most, before I’m bored of vegging and back to scribbling. But in the meantime I’m going to do my best to do nothing.

Tomorrow I’m off for some overnight camping (camping used in the sense of a trailer with plumbing; you will not catch me sleeping on the ground, ever. Ew). We’ll be in the middle of nowhere, just us girls and the woods and the things that snap twigs and scare the shit out of you in the middle of the night. I can’t wait!

I’ve got posts scheduled for the week, so I’m still “here” in a sense. Please don’t get bummed out if I don’t get to comments right away; I’ll get there, I promise.

Catch ya later!