Tyrannosaurus Desk

I have a new love interest.

He’s tough, and sexy, and weighs about 300 pounds.

This, folks, is Tyrannosaurus Desk:


I started looking for a proper desk recently, when I decided that a rickety vintage table wasn’t cutting it anymore. I had a few ideas in mind when I set out: something solid, made of real trees instead of sawdust, hopefully with storage. That was it. I mentioned it in passing at work, how I’d looked for something used but decent and hadn’t found a damned thing.

A coworker mentioned that her mom was looking to get rid of a desk, twenty-five bucks if I picked it up. She mentioned some scuffs and dings, but hey, for $25 I was willing to give it a shot.

I fell in love instantly.






Hanging files!

It’s beautifully crafted – that’s a red leather blotter on top! Plus, as soon as my mom saw it, she said it looks like a “real writer’s desk”. What more could I want?


(notes: 1. The blind is busted because my cats are assholes, 2. The lighters are for the candle; I don’t smoke. Why two? Why not? and 3. Because the desk is so big-slash-heavy, we can’t get it upstairs to the office, meaning there’s no real purpose for the office anymore, meaning the office is no more. HOWEVER, my genius husband suggested we make that room into a dressing room. Have I mentioned that I love this man?)

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