The Bloggess’ Haunted Dollhouse

“…I’ve been slowly building a haunted dollhouse for the last eleven years.

…It’s filled with references to horror/fantasy books and movies that made me the possibly-twisted person I am today…”

Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess, is building herself a tiny haunted house. She turns to the tinkering to escape: “This year, however, I’ve been fighting off a bit of depression (which is exactly why I love to make tiny bottles of bezoars or miniature Victorian vampire killing kits, so I can escape from reality when I need to)…” (source)

Fantastic! The tiny Tarot cards melt my heart.

See the rest of the house, including an exterior shot, here.

PS – If you’ve never read The Bloggess, you should probably drop everything you’re presently doing and go there immediately. She’s by far one of my absolute favourite bloggers: try Copernicus or Beyonce the big metal chicken for a good intro.

PPS – This is what a bezoar is. See? Genius.

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