Rite in the Rain

I was looking forward to coming home tonight. I had plans to sit outside with my coffee and relax under the stars (which I’m sure are behind that smog…somewhere) and maybe write a little.

Anyway. Cue me walking to my car after work. Cue rain and lightning that makes me afraid to put up my umbrella since I’m not in the mood to die tonight. Everything, everywhere, soaking wet. So much for sitting on the steps.

But it made me think of something really cool I saw a while back. An ingenious paper that lets you write even in torrential downpours. I probably wouldn’t be sitting in a torrential downpour, mind you, but Rite in the Rain would totally work in the shower. Or if you’re a little…shall we say…less graceful than others (not saying that I am or anything), it would save your ass if you dropped your writing notebook in a puddle.

Or in the bath.

Or the toilet.

I always carry an index card in my pocket in case I’m struck with an idea. More than once I’ve lost one to the washing machine. They make waterproof index cards, too. How cool is that?

Romancing the Moleskine

If you’re not a huge stationery dork like I am, you may not have heard of Moleskine notebooks. (You also may have seen their exorbitant price tag and walked away, like the sensible person I am not.)

The story goes that they were the notebooks used by the greats (Hemingway! Van Gogh! Picasso! Matisse!), although the story has been refuted.

Regardless, I love love love them. The paper is smooth and lovely and not a terrifying white that screams I AM BLANK! YOU WILL NEVER FILL ME! but rather a mellow yellow that whispers Relax, you got this.

Why am I blogging what amounts to a product placement?


without a Moleskine, I would have nothing to put inside THIS:

copyright engraveyourbook.com

I needs it. I needs it bad, Precious.
(Click to view other styles, but never, ever tell me if you get one before I do. I’m not a pretty crier.)