stonetree: The Visual Work of Marcel Meyer

My Favourite Childhood Nightmares, Dream 2

This is a technique called “animated photography”, and it’s something I’d never heard of before. The fact of the photo being static, except for small movements, immediately calls your attention to the nightmare unfolding. It’s eerie.

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Writing Down the Nightmares

I’m pretty sure I’ve had a fever for the past few days, if my dreams have been any indication. I’ve dreamt of horrible, terrible things, things that honestly make even me feel a little uncomfortable.

I won’t be writing those stories.

But what I will take from them is the absolute, soul-shattering bleakness. I dreamt of terrors that threatened to follow me into waking, terrors from which there would be no escape. I think that’s the scariest idea of all: the idea of something that you can’t run away from, something that can follow you and find you no matter where you hide.

A number of new monsters were born of these last days’ nightmares, and once I’ve reigned them in I’ll invite you by for a tour of the freakshow. I’m sure I can manage to keep them chained in their cages.

For a while.

I’m sure you’ll be fine. Probably.