What Caffeine Does

Some language may be NSFW, but then again you shouldn’t be watching YouTube at work, now should you, hmmm?

(If you’re watching YouTube at work I’m actually bitterly jealous, which I try to cover up by being smarmy and judgmental, oh God why can’t I have a job like that, we’re still friends though, right? I’m going back to bed to squeeze every last glorious drop of slack from my vacation, see you tomorrow.)

Writing Essentials: Death Wish Coffee

“Billed as the world’s strongest coffee…One cup will have you flying and killing it during your company’s next brainstorming session (also, it may make your heart explode).”

Coffee. Beloved friend. Portal to the Muses. Eraser of brain fog. And now, apparently, exploder of hearts.

I need.

(via Cool Material)