“What’s Inside” Goes Audio!

This is one of the most flattering things that has ever happened to me.

Last week I was approached by a voice actor interested in doing a reading of my short story, What’s Inside. I listened to one of his other recordings and signed on immediately.

It came out today and I am so excited to share it with you! Cody has his own voice, as does Mrs Chappel, and hearing the two of them together… I’m not gonna lie. I got goosebumps. (Or ‘goosey bumps’, as per one psychopathic little boy.)

So close your eyes. Settle in.

I think I hear someone screaming…


Check out Immunity Zero’s YouTube channel for this and other creepy stories, and watch for more collaborations between us in future!

One thought on ““What’s Inside” Goes Audio!

  • Wow, your creepy tag really sums up this piece, Stefanie. I’m thinking this could be an effective form of birth control. I’m going to avoid children for a while now. I might even run at the sight of one.
    Congratulations on the recording of this! That is incredible that you had voice actors approach you for this piece. Note to self: guard your fragile mind before reading Stefanie’s work, and you may need therapy afterward. Haha Congratulations again, Stefanie! I’m so excited for you!

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