This Week in Sniderville

I have been a lazy, lazy shit w/r/t updating this week. Sorry about that.

So I thought I’d try a new dealie: from now on, Saturdays will be update posts for whatever miscellany I’ve been up to during the week. I’ll still be posting throughout the week, of course, but lately I’m finding there are just too many things I want to share that don’t fit into the regular writing/horror/crafting scope of this blog.

Things like ridiculous videos that are so terrible they become amazing:

Little bits of life, like the beautiful no-reason flowers my husband brought me tonight:


Oh, and probably about a million cat pictures. Which should be okay, because the internet clearly needs more cat pictures. God, I have so many cat pictures. (Also, yesterday I went through the checkout line at the grocery store, and bought three things: a variety pack of wet cat food, a jumbo bag of cat treats, and a sad little block of cheese. C says the only thing keeping me from a life of crazy-cat-lady-dom is him…though I think I’m wearing him down, as time goes by.)

I like getting to know other bloggers, and I want you to get to know me a little more, too. If it doesn’t float your boat, no hard feelings: come back any of the other 6 days every week, when there will be gore and creepiness and all that stuff. I won’t hold it against you. But I want to welcome you into the other parts of my life, and I hope you’ll stick around.

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