Back to the Grind

Ugh, vacation’s over. I’m back to work tomorrow.

Why is it that time spent at work feels so much longer than time spent…well, doing pretty much anything else?

I’ve always promised myself I wouldn’t post much about DayJob, having read the horror stories of people fired for same, but suffice it to say I am not looking forward to going back. That bit’s no secret.

My solution to stay sane: I’m reading 168 Hours: You Have More Time Than You Think and really thinking about ways I can still feel like my creative self while I’m going about my day. I’m not far into the book, but already I’m seeing all kinds of small ways I can get more done.

I bought a new charger for my dead netbook, so step one will be committing to writing at lunch. Tried before, didn’t stick with it, but I’ve reevaluated my priorities and I’m ready to give it another go. Besides, I’ll never get anywhere unless I really push myself.

Step two is nerding it up by self-designing new scheduling inserts for my Filofax. It seems I can’t find any that suit me, and I think I need to visually see where my time is going in order to use it better.

There’s got to be some way to get there.

2 thoughts on “Back to the Grind

  • I recently came off of a long vacation myself and it was hard to get back into the rhythm of the daily grind. For me it was about taking it one day at a time and also being sure I found something creative and satisfying to do each day. For me – it made sure no day was a waste even while I was working a job I less than loved at the time.

    • “…it made sure no day was a waste even while I was working a job I less than loved at the time.”

      This is it in a nutshell! Some days get so monotonous that it’s important to have something creative to work on. I want to finish each day having created something, even if it’s only one really great line of prose.

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