Barbie’s Malibu Murder House

So lifelike! So fun! You’ll spend hours and hours with Malibu Murder Barbie. Detach Ken’s head for realistic blood effects; just like in the movies! Ken’s head turns blue when refrigerated!

Set includes Malibu Murder Barbie, Dead Ken (with optional spare head), nontoxic stage blood, and Silly Puppy That’s Not Food. Crime scene tape sold separately.

Be the first girl on your block to commit a murder!*

*always ask a parent for permission

(photo: unknown source. Text by yours truly.)

2 thoughts on “Barbie’s Malibu Murder House

    • I like to think Barbie had just come home from walking the dog and caught Ken with that bitch Skipper. Skipper got away, but Ken…Ken wasn’t so lucky.

      Good point about the Dexter thing. Come to think of it, Barbie-scale glass slides would effectively be tiny glass shards. Fun for the whole family!

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