It’s Drive-In Night!

Once a year, my pal Leslie and I head out to the drive-in.

There’s something about it: being out in farmland, the stars above you, watching a movie in your pjs with hundreds of strangers. Last year, just as Cowboys & Aliens told us that the aliens had come to Earth, the cattle on screen ran past and a whiff of cow shit from the nearby farm wafted by. You don’t get that from a theatre in the mall.

I will see anything at the drive-in, because it’s not about the movie, it’s about the experience. Case in point, tonight’s triple feature includes That’s My Boy. I can almost guarantee it’s going to be horribly stupid, but in a way that’s better: half the fun of the drive-in is making fun of the movie. And the people in the next car. And that one asshole who doesn’t know how to turn off his headlights…

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