New Story in the Works

I’m editing my newest horror story tonight. It should be ready and up by this weekend sometime. This is my favourite part of writing: when it’s almost ready for you guys to read. It’s like watching someone open something you bought them; half the fun is had by the person who knows what’s in the box.

Things I need:
-an image of a coffin that isn’t stupid
-a few more hours of editing work
-a strong cup of coffee

Keep an eye out this weekend for the new piece. It…goes in a new direction from my other stories (WINK), and I’m pretty happy with it.

In the meantime, check out my previous stories:

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2 thoughts on “New Story in the Works

  • It’s interesting to know other writers’ favorite aspect of the writing process. Editing is enjoyable to me as well. It’s also challenging. I given surprise packages that I was certain would be enjoyed by the recipient, but were received with far less enthusiasm than I anticipated.
    How do you know your readers so well, and how do you accomplish editing from the their perspective?

  • Simple: in horror, you’re looking for a visceral gut-punch. You know whether the story is good by how it makes the bumps rise off your skin. As the writer, you want to get a reaction out of the reader. The scare is the measure of success.

    The horror reader comes to the story to be scared, or unsettled, or shocked. It’s the thrill of the story they’re looking for, and if you don’t provide that they’re going to go elsewhere.

    A good scare is just plain fun, and I figure if I’m having fun the reader will too.

    Good questions, thanks! You made me think (and before coffee, at that).

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