Workouts For Writers

Brew coffee.
Hop from one leg to the other while waiting for percolation completion.
Open the cupboard. REAAACH. Grab the big mug, the one meant for soup.
Fill that bad boy up, and lift. Be careful, here, to put your back in to it. Full mugs are heavy.

Now to the stairs! (don’t forget to count the nine steps from the kitchen through the living room)
And climb. And climb. Clench those buttocks! And climb. Where the hell did all these stairs come from? Whose idea was it to buy a house with a million stairs?!

And dowwwwwn the long hallway. And pullllll out your chair.
Shove the cat off. Shove the cat off. Shove the cat off.

Sit. Get back up for notebook. Sit. Get back up for sweater. Sit. Get back up for music.

Return. Shove the cat off.

Crack knuckles. All of them. Maybe go over them a second time, just in case.

Tense muscles, and PUSH thumb drive in. And PUSH. And PUSH. And LIFT laptop and realize you had it in upside down.

Set laptop down. Breathe. Shove the cat off your lap.

And LIFT coffee mug. And LIFT.

Type for exactly fifteen minutes. Realize you left some notes downstairs. Shove the cat off…

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