Hire Me!

Hey you! I’m looking for a few good writing gigs.

Maybe you came up with a great story idea, but you’re lost on how to flesh it out. You have all the bits and bobs, but maybe your grammar isn’t the hottest. Maybe it needs a little twist or a fresh perspective. I can ghostwrite it for you. You keep all the rights, any future profits, and you get to tell everyone you wrote it yourself. I’m a good secret-keeper.


Maybe your ad copy needs a little flair. You want something that will have customers clamoring like ravenous zombies for your product. You need someone who can give you punchy, vivid copy that’s concise and accurate. Know who can do that? This girl. Let me take care of your copywriting, so you can focus on your next project.

I’m fast! I’m precise! I’m awesome! You need me in your life.

Contact me at stefnsnider at gmail for rates.

2 thoughts on “Hire Me!

  • Hello Stephanie. Will this offer be available later in the year because if so I may need help. I am currently writing something I think is pretty special the problem is when finished it will be pretty substantial, kind of epic. This is not a joke. I will offer better terms should you and only if you think the work worthy of the time and effort and only if you are happy to do so. This is a very genuine offer. I am hoping to finish the project towards the end of this year. Eric.

    • Eric! Hi! I would definitely be interested in working with you. I’m offering these services on an ongoing basis, so yes, I will still be available later on. Let me know when you get closer to finishing your project and I’d be happy to discuss this further with you. Thanks as always for all your support ❤

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