Hi! I’m Stefanie, or Stef. Never Steffy, unless you’re a kid, or a grandma, or you want your legs broken.

I’ve been writing since before I could hold a pencil (that’s what moms are for). I started reading at two; I finished my first Stephen King at nine. I nearly left my now-husband for books, once, when our relationship was still in the clingy new phase and I didn’t have time to read.

You could say words are in my blood.

Five years ago I decided to get serious. My first submitted short was published by Pill Hill Press, in a flash-fiction anthology. From there I went on to publish some twenty-odd short stories (one an Amazon bestseller), then a collection, and finally a full-length novel in 2016. I’m working on my second novel now.

When I’m not writing you can find me hanging out with my husband and cats, watching terrible horror movies with all the lights out, or busting my butt at the gym.