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I think we all accept, as we get older that our initial dreams of how we’re going to spend the rest of our lives are a little unrealistic. I mean when you’re a kid and someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up; there are a couple of stock answers that as we get older become non-options. Whether this is due to a change of heart (zoo keeper gets less attractive after you read Everything Poops… A LOT), a lack of ability (who knew you needed to be a goddamn rocket scientist to fly the space shuttle?) or it just turns out that it was never a real job in the first place (New York Mets President of Fan Relations).

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It’s Spring! Writers, Get Organized

Spring always makes me feel fantastic. It’s not the frigid Canadian winter anymore (though I hate that less since I learned how to knit), and it’s not yet the scorching, disgusting summer when I turn into a walking freckle. Spring is when it feels like everything’s waking up again. It’s a great time to start new things, and with that in mind…

I started organizing. (If you know me well, I’m sorry I didn’t warn you to swallow your beverage before you read that.)

I’ve never been a consistent enough writer to need to keep track of things. I’d spit out a piece here and there, and there’d be huge gaps of nothingness in between. I don’t know how I lived for any real length of time without writing, but there you have it.

But now, see, I have plans. I have goals. I’m producing more and more all the time, and I started to realize a few things I need to keep track of. So I treated myself to an office-supplies fix shopping trip and set up shop, properly.

Now I have lists of character names, which stories they were in, dates of publication, sales information, outlines for future stories, a calendar…I actually feel like for once I know exactly where I’m headed with this writing thing, and how and when I want to get there.

I’m still feeling my way through this whole actually-staying-on-top-of-things thing, but it’s coming together.

What tips can you share on keeping your creative life organized?

Real-Life Horror: Lobotomy

This video is disturbing. Watch with caution.

I have a notoriously strong stomach, and this made me feel ill. There’s something…sacred about the brain, about what makes “us”, “us”. The idea of someone manipulating your very self with something so everyday as an icepick is terrifying to me.

It happened to Rosemary Kennedy, JFK’s younger sister.
“We went through the top of the head, I think she was awake. She had a mild tranquilizer. I made a surgical incision in the brain through the skull. It was near the front. It was on both sides. We just made a small incision, no more than an inch.” The instrument Dr. Watts used looked like a butter knife. He swung it up and down to cut brain tissue. “We put an instrument inside,” he said. As Dr. Watts cut, Dr. Freeman put questions to Rosemary. For example, he asked her to recite the Lord’s Prayer or sing “God Bless America” or count backwards. … “We made an estimate on how far to cut based on how she responded.” … When she began to become incoherent, they stopped. (Kessler, The Sins of the Father, p. 226, via Wikipedia.)

Lobotomies are still performed as a treatment in certain debilitating mental illnesses.

There are greater horrors in life than I could ever hope to write.

New Story: Needles & Pins

He’d do anything to make Stacey love him. Anything, even voodoo. But when that doesn’t work, he’ll have to resort to something a little more drastic.

Click here for Needles & Pins.

Dead Body on Google Street View?

“It is a suburban scene much like millions of others on Google’s Street View site… apart from one chilling addition.

Lying face down on the pavement, her shoe inches away in the gutter, is the body of a young girl.

Anxious residents browsing their on-screen neighbourhood contacted Google about the image fearing they had chanced on a murder scene…”

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Get Married Before Starting a Blog

We’re the awesome centre, natch. Good thing, too, because he’s stuck with me now. Mwuahahahahhhh!

(via Dating Fails)

PS Happy Friday! New story this weekend, watch for it.

Zombie Woman Climbs from Casket

Zombie Woman Climbs from Casket Six Days after She Died

A 95-year-old Chinese woman, thought to be dead and placed in a coffin, terrified her family and neighbors by climbing right out after six long days. Must have scared the living daylights out of her neighbor Mr. Qingwang, who was the first to discover the empty coffin.

Click here to read the article.

Writing Down the Nightmares

I’m pretty sure I’ve had a fever for the past few days, if my dreams have been any indication. I’ve dreamt of horrible, terrible things, things that honestly make even me feel a little uncomfortable.

I won’t be writing those stories.

But what I will take from them is the absolute, soul-shattering bleakness. I dreamt of terrors that threatened to follow me into waking, terrors from which there would be no escape. I think that’s the scariest idea of all: the idea of something that you can’t run away from, something that can follow you and find you no matter where you hide.

A number of new monsters were born of these last days’ nightmares, and once I’ve reigned them in I’ll invite you by for a tour of the freakshow. I’m sure I can manage to keep them chained in their cages.

For a while.

I’m sure you’ll be fine. Probably.

Writers: Protect Yourselves from Pirates

“…make you a fortune”? I had no idea it would be so simple; sign me up!

Via Wikipedia.

Face Off

I don’t tend to watch much tv, but what I do watch is almost always arts-based reality competition. I just love watching people making things.

Somehow I completely missed the new season of Face Off. I find it so interesting to see the behind-the-scenes of movie makeup application, and how the artists can take some latex and paint and make us believe in aliens and monsters.

Since I’m sick as a dog today, and don’t see myself getting my planned writing done, I thought I’d catch up. If you want to join me, the Canadian link is here.


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